Thank you for releasing it with iOS. Please Make that the A. Gibt es ein neues Devpro oder eine Alternative? Angefangen bei den Standarddecks wie Yugi und Kaiba bis zu den Pendelmonstern? When can i use Ocg rules in online? Please, Update in android version of this game with Ai working It will be appreciated and post some update in the development thank you.

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I would like it as soon as possible. Maybe under a different name? Yu-Gi-Oh nervige Decks Ideen? Thursday, Abdroid 14, It is impossible to playtest with the latest cards without this update. Ehrlich, ein bisschen besser hinsehen hätte auch nicht geschadet. It may have a different name but it still has the same purpose, you can’t hide that purpose to Konami supporters or Konami themselves.

YGOPRO Yugioh news and updates – Ygopro for iOS has been released

Thursday, August 16, Tuesday, August 21, Ios needs a update please new cards are out and we cant use them till yall update so please update. PLEAS can make a update for the tcg onlys for the android verstion.


New Banlist, New Cards! This is absolutely amazing!!!!!

Ygopro for iOS has been released

When are we going to get the update it’s almost a year and I want to run the new decks coming out For this reason the cards are without images please fix it. Link wäre btw auch super.

Downloaded the obb and put it in the right place, most of the images show up ygooro, but not the New ones. Friday, July 20, Wanted to test the decks I use in the PC version only to find out that the banlist is way too outdated and to get „invalid deck“ messages everytime because several cards are still not included.

By Max Middleton on: Thanks for readeng hope to replay meet soon. Auf anderen Seiten ist es ähnlich I really hope this becomes an actual browser run version of this game, there really isn’t anything else out there that operates on chrome.

YGO PRO Calculator für Android – APK herunterladen

What about Windows Phone?? Inb4 2 months without updates.

ygopro android

My bro and i will play with a. Vielen Dank im Vorraus.

yugioh devpro für smartphones

BoraDerSpeer ps mein Nutzer Name ist odin: Thursday, September 20, Monday, July 30, Security Code Enter the code shown above in the box below. Why can’t I find it on app store please help i realy want the app.


ygopro android

Checking for updates http: Täuschungsfrosch Effekt aktiviert nicht Wenn man auf Devpro Yugioh spielt und Täuschungsfrosch durch Feindkontrolle opfert und somit auf den Friedhof bringt, aktiviert sich sein Androdi nicht. Es passiert einfach rein garnichts. Thursday, September 13, Friday, May 04, Also wenn ihr interesse habt dann schreibt es mir hier drunter bitte! By Ross Lux on: Ygopro for iOS has been released.

ygopro android

When is the next new updata? Was möchtest Du wissen? Hi whay your game out of google market and I tray to dawnload but the cards are blanks we soo proud of your offer to make as play these game soo We love to see you people geting moor pro.